Simblee Update

A project log for Tiny Low Cost BLE

A tiny low cost Bluetooth Low Energy board for miniature and wearable projects.

James CannanJames Cannan 12/22/2015 at 11:550 Comments

The RFD22301 is a great BLE Arduino microcontroller, but to make this project even better i would like to make it smaller, cheaper, lower power. Making it cheaper would be easy if i didn't want it to be Arduino compatible, so for the moment i would just like to make it smaller and lower power. This is why i have decided to make a new board with the Simblee BLE micrcontroller, which is actually made by the same company that makes the Rfduino. It is only 7mm by 10mm (compared to the 15.24mm by 15.24 mm of the RFD22301 ), and uses as low as 8mA for TX and 10mA for RX (compared to 12mA for RX and 12mA for TX )

I will initially be putting the Simblee onto a MiniWear compatible board, so the acutally PCB size won't change very much. But in theory it could be a lot smaller.

If you are interested, here are some Simblee specs copied from their website: