First Prototypes

A project log for MakerMod System

A common connection format for hardware peripherals for multiple development platforms.

engunneerengunneer 08/07/2014 at 02:110 Comments

I got the first prototype boards in for MakerMod a few weeks ago. First up are some of the boards for designing circuits on:

PTH Proto has both a male and female dual row MakerMod connector. The central two rows are VCC and GND rails, and the outer holes are connected like a mini breadboard in 1x3 columns.

The SMD Proto comes in two flavors, narrow and wide. The Narrow board is the same as the PTH Proto, but has a grid of SMD pads instead. These pads are not connected together, and are in a 0.05" x 0.065" grid. VCC and GND are provided in some 0.05" pitch vias on the corners of the board. The back is pretty much blank. I might put a ground plane there in the future and drop some vias down to it inside the SMD field.

The wide SMD Proto board is basically two narrow boards in one, providing a larger build area.

The last board in this OSHPark order is the 4 button I/O module. Each button has a green/red LED and a button that connects the IO pin to VCC. When the I/O is driven as a low output, the LED will be lit red. when it is driven with a high output, or is an input with the button pressed, the LED is green.