Aerobox - A Soft Robotic Control Box

The Aerobox is a tiny, ultra-portable, simple soft robotics control system.

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An integral part of any soft robot is the control system. The Aerobox makes control systems simple.

Soft robotics is a new field of robotics that has been really heating up lately. Many soft robots are pneumatically actuated, meaning they move when they are filled with air. To fill these robots with air, many projects use syringes or squeeze bulbs that can be used to manually control the soft robot. This is great for simple soft robots, but if we want soft robots to function on their own, we will need an electronic pneumatic control system to inflate and deflate them autonomously. There are a few control systems around the Internet already, such as this one from the Soft Robotics Toolkit: Many of these are unfortunately very expensive and often overkill for small soft robots. This is where the Aerobox comes in. The Aerobox is a simple, battery powered, single output control system. It's single output is perfect for grippers and single actuators.



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