Schematics | Part - 2

A project log for Arduino Enabled : (ESP8266) WiFi & Xbee IoT Board

IoT Rapid prototyping platform : Atmega328P at heart | ESP-01 + Xbee radio | Sensors - DS18B20 + LDR | Enough GPIOs

Amar PotdarAmar Potdar 03/26/2016 at 14:520 Comments

Schematics design is done. it wasn't tough or was it? Anyway. I have reviewed once. but still am little skeptical about it. Will need thorough review, before I head to PCB design.

As described in my last log, am taking absurd approach on GPIO. and I think it's going to be hard designing PCB, As ANALOG and DIGITAL pins are on both sides of the board. Let's See.

Schematics design using EAGLE V7.2.0

ESP-01 Connector:

DPDT Switch has been added for both w-less connectivity. This will allow to access w-less module either over MCU for application or over PC terminal for configuration.

Xbee Connector: