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A project log for A 4 bit homebuilt computer that is really useful

Most projects like this just flash some leds...This easy to build modular constructed one makes music, drives servos, steppers, DC motors .

castvee8castvee8 03/22/2018 at 03:350 Comments

Here is the VFD display board:

It mounts the vfd, filament dropping resistors 5 volt regulator the clocking source,and drivers electronics for the VFD. This module can be swapped for another led custom module if desired.

This module contains a 4 bit7 segment decoder for the display, and some additional filter caps.

This board contains 4 20 pin octal buffers.

This is the  4 bit latch module.

This is the register to latch interface module.

Remember all the above modules plug into each other-so no additional wiring is needed.Male and female headers on each board allow connections.

More coming-this page a work in progress....