Building the display characters

A project log for Make your own 7 segment displays..With Neon light

Using a 3D printed frame and some Ne-2 neon lamps you can make your own impressive seven segment displays.

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Getting started.

Gather the components or the display. Here is a photo of the basic components:

The first step is to seat the bulbs in the frame. The front of the frame is the display bulb housing and has holes and slots already printed in to seat the bulbs. Each bulb is seated into a slot and the leads are brought out through the back. Add a small dab of glue to the inside of each slot to keep it in place during assembly. After all the bulbs are in place sit the assembly aside for a bit to allow the glue to tack up.

One side of each bulb is the commonly connected. The other side is  connected to a 47k resistor and wired to the connector. Simple. I made the wires attach to the connector in order-a,b,c,d,e,f,g to keep it simple to connect and the bottom wire being the common.

The neon lamps have no polarity so you can drive the display as common anode or cathode.

After the wiring is complete glue the frame back on the display. This covers and protects the wiring inside and adds to making the display easy to mount.

These are completed displays ready for testing.

I will ad some more characters soon. I made the for an old time relay vacuum tube calculator originally and this was all I needed for the project.

Note the +/- sign. Each bulb is connected individually so it can be switched form + to - electronically. I will produce a decimal point as well as a colon for clock making etc.