My first application for the displays

A project log for Make your own 7 segment displays..With Neon light

Using a 3D printed frame and some Ne-2 neon lamps you can make your own impressive seven segment displays.

castvee8castvee8 03/13/2018 at 15:470 Comments

I originally built the displays for an old timey calculator made from vacuum tubes and relays. I wanted a vintage look for the machine but nice big and clear digits to display the numbers.

This calculator uses rotary switches to input numbers to be add/subtracted. A s you can see even in a very brightly lit room the digits are clear and easy to read(despite my poor photography) This picture shows the input numbers, the = sign and equals and the resulting solution.

I then built this all relay version of the calculator:

This shows the same except the solution contains 2 digits.

Both of these machines are using line voltage(120vac) rectified and filtered(170VDC) to power the digits.