Ambitions, plans and kits?

A project log for RAIN Mark II Supercomputer Trainer

High-Performance Computing for Everyone

jason.gullicksonjason.gullickson 03/15/2018 at 15:100 Comments

It's very exciting to see other people interested in this project.  Thank-you for your feedback and encouragement!

In addition to releasing my work as open-source (so others can reproduce the machine), I'm considering developing kits (and perhaps a small number of assembled systems) once I have a design that is stable, reliable and repeatable.

I haven't gone too far down that road yet because there's still a lot to do, and I wasn't sure how many other people might be interested in owning a machine like this, but if there's interest (and I can wrangle the resources) I'll seriously consider it.

Starting a computer company is something I've dreamed about since I was a kid banging-out BASIC on my VIC-20.  It would be kind of poetic if in doing so, I could help put other kids on the same path.