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This a 100% 3D printed Transmission Raman Probe (low resolution) Designed using Fusion 360

David H Haffner SrDavid H Haffner Sr 04/20/2018 at 18:264 Comments

I'm making my 3D presentations first in sequential order, this has revealed itself to be a project with many subtle complexities that I'm determined to iron out 1st before printing anything, I just don't have financial means to print "wily nilly" and test every little modification and hope I get it right, so I may be out of this years 2018 prize and that's ok, I'd rather get this right than push it through just for the sake of trying to win something and deliver a 3rd rate product.

All apologies from my end :)


Robert Mateja wrote 04/20/2018 at 19:18 point

Can I recommend DirtyPCB 3d print service? I made my project with parts printed with their SLS and quality came great (100-70um layer) and shipping is included.I have - no association - with them, just can't beat $0.95/cm^3.

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David H Haffner Sr wrote 04/20/2018 at 20:21 point

Thanks for the tip Robert, I'm using Sculpteo right now and they are pretty good, the real factor here is that the tolerances needed are in the range of 0.0001 mil's, I can get away with 0.001 but right now the best any 3d printer can do is 0.1.

So I'm having to re-design in very clever ways and keep re-testing and it is becoming time consuming, Raman spectroscopy is a very delicate art, not for the faint of heart! 

There is nothing else like this out there and I want it to be the first, so I really don't want to push this project through for the sake of some contest :)

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Robert Mateja wrote 04/20/2018 at 20:40 point

Oh, ok now is clear.I guess cnc machining is only option for that tolerances. Protolabs claim aluminium parts from $65 but I never use their service.

Looks like tough project, but beneficial for hobby material science so take your time and keep hacking!

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David H Haffner Sr wrote 04/20/2018 at 21:28 point

Thanks Robert I'm always pluggin' away!

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