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An Arduino Shield that combines True Text To Speech, 2 Motor Controls, 8 Servos and multiple Sensor Inputs

Luke J. BarkerLuke J. Barker 4 days ago0 Comments

Speech clips are here.

March, 2018

My board layout skills are not up to par enough to put a 100 pin QFP and 48 pin TSOP  down reliably so I changed things up a bit and will allow the end user to buy the TTS module from or just just the servo / motor controls without voice.  The current design still has the PC9685 so only 2 I2C pins are needed for all the servo and motor control.

4/3/18 Boards are on order from  Getting 10 late April/May.  Will have all the surface mount components mounted by Seeed and headers will be kitted.  

4/4/18 Just added pictures of Toby and his new arm and head servos.  You can see my first prototype roboShield.  Servos were driven direct off the Arduino and it had the Vstamp connected.  I had noticed timing problems with setting the servo position and then writing with softwareSerial.  The servos would jitter so That is why I changed to the servo driver IC on the new design.   I will post a video of Toby soon.