• Thoughts about microcontroller

    Alex03/15/2018 at 22:14 0 comments

    I did a little bit of research which microcontroller I should use. Becuase using USB on an microcontroller is new to me it should be also well documented. And to fit this project It  should be relative small.

    First I thought about the Atmegegas with USB (32u4, 32u2...), which are still a backup possibility, bur so far i Will concentrate more on Microchip's PIC16F1454 . Resons for that are:

    • The "MPLAB Xpress PIC16F18345" development board is using this PIC as USB interface.
      •  I do have one oft this boards.  So I do have already hardware for first Tests
      • On this board the programing interface of the PIC16F1454 is routed out on testpads
      • One button is connected to IO of the PIC16F1454 
      • Two LEDs are connected to IOs of PIC16F1454 
      • This bord although made for evaluting the PIC16F18345, fits perfect my needs for testing, Just the PIC16F18345 needs to ignored
      • Picture below shows this board 
    • Available at low price in huge number of different packages (including dip for prototyping or QFN for PCBs) 
    • There is an reference design by Microchip about bulding a keypad
    • As alternative to Microchips USB-Stack (which looks like not being open) the free and open source USB stack "M-Stack" should run

  • Idea/Concept

    Alex03/12/2018 at 20:38 0 comments

    Inspired by the hashkey, but a more flexible diy opensource solution which could be built at home some key ideas:

    • Cap and case 3D-printable (will publish files) on mostly every 3D-Printer
    • Small PCB with all electric components including:
      • USB Microcontroller (still not sure which)
      • USB connector - exchange you wire to any color and length 
      • optional RGB LED for some colorful backlight
      • Switch (perhaps a mechanical cherry-style one) 

    And here some sketch of it: