Smarthome ESP32 HMI interface

ESP32 Home automation controller with HMI interface

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There are plenty of "ESP" projects available on the web, most of them are IOT devices controlled using cloud connections. From different control devices (like your smarthphone or tablet), there are very few using ESP32 itself like a controller and even less with touchscreen HMI.

In this project i would like to expand the abilities of ESP32 module with HMI interface capable of controlling another modules and provide automatization tasks.

Project itself will consist from 2 Parts:

1.Hardware platform design - hook up function prototype containing LCD with touchscreen, power supply, ESP32 board and device case

2.Interface and control software design - design and program user interface capable to manual or autonomous control of another esp32 modules, create automation rules and scenes, provide weather forecast, everything what automation controller should do.

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