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A project log for OSH VFD Watch

Open source vacuum fluorescent display watch.

MileMile 03/12/2018 at 22:480 Comments

First prototype of main board is made on two layer PCB 44mm in diameter. Components used are mostly in SSOP, SOT and SOD packages. There are also components in QFN and 0402 packages which i plan to replace with QFP and 0603  eqivalents.

PCBs for this project were ordered from JLCPCB(that new-old PCB manufacturer every one is talking about). On first glance they look decent, but I will have to take a closer look once i have more time.

Enclosure is designed so it can be easily printed on inexpensive FDM printers. After I finish assembling and testing PCB will try to test print enclosure and post time-lapse video of print. Will try printing with ColorFabb PLA and nGen materials.

Some pictures of late night PCB assembly setup. Will post video of the complete process in a few days.