What is this Thanksgiving????

A project log for 1 Square Inch of Power

An MPPT solar boost converter with 3.3v Output and Supercap energy storage.

OzQubeOzQube 12/02/2015 at 13:010 Comments

Silly me forgot that everything in USA is closed for the Thanksgiving weekend. I sent off the board designs to get made by OSHpark last week.....

Anyway, while I'm waiting, I uploaded the gerbers, BOM, schematic and added links to the OSHpark board ( That should qualify me for the next round :-) ) I created a second square inch board (although not part of the comp) to attach the solar cells. The cells I'm using are IXYS KXOB22-12x1L cells. Each one is 0.5V, and there's 3 in series. So a whole .07W (ish). The link to the project on OSHpark is there too.

The schematic has the resistors to set the MPPT voltage to 1.5V, and the output of the second DC-DC converter is set to 3.3V. These can be changed using the info from the datasheet, in case the solar cell you use is different, or if you want 5V out.