For #Micro progmeter project I want to deliver full set of open-source materials, but it would be shame if folks trying to replicate the project would have to buy another programmer to flash the PIC MCU, so I decided to do a little bit of brain stretching and implement PIC16F1xxx programmer with... Arduino, just because it is low cost and available platform.

Together with SDCC compiler this serves as completely open-source basis for PIC16F1xxx and similar projects.

The current project status: Programmer working, sources need cleanup.


PIC12F1501  YES PIC18F26J11 YES
PIC12F1571      PIC18F26J13 
PIC12F1572  YES PIC18F26J50 YES
PIC12F1612  YES PIC18F26J53 
PIC12F1822  YES PIC18F26K22 YES
PIC12F1840  YES PIC18F26K50 
PIC12LF1501 YES PIC18F26k80 
PIC12LF1552 YES PIC18F27J13 
PIC12LF1571     PIC18F27J53 YES
PIC12LF1572     PIC18F43K22 
PIC12LF1612     PIC18F44J10 
PIC12LF1822     PIC18F44J11 
PIC12LF1840 YES PIC18F44J50 
PIC16F1454      PIC18F44K22 
PIC16F1455  YES PIC18F45J10 YES
PIC16F1459      PIC18F45J11 
PIC16F1503  YES PIC18F45J50 
PIC16F1507  YES PIC18F45K22 
PIC16F1508      PIC18F45K50 
PIC16F1509  YES PIC18F45k80 
PIC16F1512      PIC18F46J11 
PIC16F1513      PIC18F46J13 
PIC16F1516  YES PIC18F46J50 
PIC16F1517      PIC18F46J53 
PIC16F1518      PIC18F46K22 
PIC16F1519      PIC18F46k50 
PIC16F1528      PIC18F46k80 
PIC16F1529      PIC18F47J13 
PIC16F1574      PIC18F47J53 
PIC16F1575  YES PIC18F63J11 
PIC16F1578      PIC18F63J90 
PIC16F1579      PIC18F64J11 
PIC16F1613  YES PIC18F64J90 
PIC16F1614      PIC18F65J10 
PIC16F1615  YES PIC18F65J11 
PIC16F1618      PIC18F65J15 
PIC16F1619      PIC18F65J50 
PIC16F1703  YES PIC18F65J90 
PIC16F1704      PIC18F65J94 
PIC16F1705      PIC18F65K22 
PIC16F1707      PIC18F65k80 
PIC16F1708      PIC18F65K90 
PIC16F1709      PIC18F66J10 
PIC16F1713      PIC18F66J11 
PIC16F1716      PIC18F66J15 YES
PIC16F1717      PIC18F66J16 
PIC16F1718  YES PIC18F66J50 
PIC16F1719      PIC18F66J55 
PIC16F1764      PIC18F66J60 
PIC16F1765  YES PIC18F66J65 
PIC16F1768      PIC18F66J90 
PIC16F1769      PIC18F66J93 
PIC16F1782      PIC18F66J94 
PIC16F1783  YES PIC18F66J99 
PIC16F1784      PIC18F66K22 
PIC16F1786      PIC18F66k80 
PIC16F1787      PIC18F66K90 
PIC16F1788  YES PIC18F67J10 
PIC16F1789      PIC18F67J11 
PIC16F1824      PIC18F67J50 YES
PIC16F1825      PIC18F67J60 
PIC16F1826      PIC18F67J90 
PIC16F1827      PIC18F67J93 
PIC16F1828      PIC18F67J94 
PIC16F1829  YES PIC18F67K22 YES
PIC16F1847      PIC18F67K90 
PIC16F1933  YES PIC18F83J11 
PIC16F1934      PIC18F83J90 
PIC16F1936      PIC18F84J11 
PIC16F1937      PIC18F84J90 
PIC16F1938      PIC18F85J10 
PIC16F1939      PIC18F85J11 
PIC16F1946      PIC18F85J15 
PIC16F1947      PIC18F85J50 
PIC16LF1454     PIC18F85J90 
PIC16LF1455 YES PIC18F85J94 
PIC16LF1459     PIC18F85K22 
PIC16LF1503 YES PIC18F85K90 
PIC16LF1507     PIC18F86J10 
PIC16LF1508 YES PIC18F86J11 
PIC16LF1509     PIC18F86J15 
PIC16LF1512     PIC18F86J16 
PIC16LF1513     PIC18F86J50 
PIC16LF1516     PIC18F86J55 
PIC16LF1517     PIC18F86J60 
PIC16LF1518     PIC18F86J65 
PIC16LF1519     PIC18F86J72 
PIC16LF1528     PIC18F86J90 
PIC16LF1529     PIC18F86J93 
PIC16LF1574     PIC18F86J94 
PIC16LF1575     PIC18F86J99 
PIC16LF1578     PIC18F86K22 
PIC16LF1579     PIC18F86K90 
PIC16LF1613     PIC18F87J10 
PIC16LF1614     PIC18F87J11 
PIC16LF1615     PIC18F87J50 
PIC16LF1618     PIC18F87J60 
PIC16LF1619     PIC18F87J72 
PIC16LF1703     PIC18F87J90 
PIC16LF1704 YES PIC18F87J93 
PIC16LF1705     PIC18F87J94 
PIC16LF1707     PIC18F87K22 
PIC16LF1708     PIC18F87K90 
PIC16LF1709     PIC18F95J94 
PIC16LF1713 YES PIC18F96J60 
PIC16LF1716     PIC18F96J65 
PIC16LF1717     PIC18F96J94 
PIC16LF1718     PIC18F96J99 
PIC16LF1719     PIC18F97J60 
PIC16LF1764     PIC18F97J94 
PIC16LF1765     PIC18LF23K22    
PIC16LF1768     PIC18LF24J10    
PIC16LF1769     PIC18LF24J11    
PIC16LF1782     PIC18LF24J50    
PIC16LF1783     PIC18LF24K22    
PIC16LF1784     PIC18LF24K50    YES
PIC16LF1786     PIC18LF25J10    
PIC16LF1787     PIC18LF25J11    
PIC16LF1788     PIC18LF25J50    
PIC16LF1789     PIC18LF25K22    YES
PIC16LF1824     PIC18LF25K50    YES
PIC16LF1825     PIC18LF25k80    
PIC16LF1826     PIC18LF26J11    
PIC16LF1827     PIC18LF26J13    
PIC16LF1828     PIC18LF26J50    
PIC16LF1829 YES PIC18LF26J53    
PIC16LF1847     PIC18LF26K22    
PIC16LF1902     PIC18LF26K50    
PIC16LF1903 YES PIC18LF26k80    
PIC16LF1904     PIC18LF27J13    
PIC16LF1906     PIC18LF27J53    
PIC16LF1907     PIC18LF43K22    
PIC16LF1933     PIC18LF44J10    
PIC16LF1934     PIC18LF44J11    
PIC16LF1936     PIC18LF44J50    
PIC16LF1937     PIC18LF44K22    
PIC16LF1938     PIC18LF45J10    
PIC16LF1939     PIC18LF45J11    
PIC16LF1946     PIC18LF45J50    
PIC16LF1947     PIC18LF45K22    
PIC18F23K22     PIC18LF45K50    
PIC18F24J10 YES PIC18LF45k80    
PIC18F24J11     PIC18LF46J11    
PIC18F24J50 YES PIC18LF46J13    
PIC18F24K22 YES PIC18LF46J50    
PIC18F24K50     PIC18LF46J53    
PIC18F25J10     PIC18LF46K22    
PIC18F25J11     PIC18LF46k50    
PIC18F25J50     PIC18LF46k80    
PIC18F25K22     PIC18LF47J13    
PIC18F25K50 YES PIC18LF47J53    
PIC18F25k80 YES PIC18LF65k80    

More PIC devices to be on support list soon.