• Academics comes first, unfortunately

    J3TTBlack8806/25/2014 at 09:53 0 comments

    So I think we underestimated how much free time we would have (at the same time as each other) despite having expected little. We are going to continue working on this project despite missing the Sci-Fi Contest deadline.

    I have finished my courses for my BEng Mechanical Degree and am just busy getting my Final Year Project done and we're both on holiday now so may find a bit more time.

    We got together recently and went through what we had compared to what we wanted the bot to do. We are sticking with the sound based location and are going to use the motors (with a 2222N transistor based motor driver I'm yet to design properly) and avoidance components of my Cybot and replace it's line following component with our coin sensor.

  • First real discussion

    J3TTBlack8804/22/2014 at 21:02 0 comments

    Greg and I had our first discussion regarding the bot. Unfortunately we are both busy with University but have come up with a means to complete the machine by 29 April 2014 (we both really want Hackaday shirts and have been threatening to make another bot :-P).

    1. A Cybot body (the old Real Robots bot) will be used as the initial chassis, along with it's avoidance sensors and motors.

    2. An UNO32 will be used to operate the droid

    3. A simple transistor based PWM motor controller will be made for efficient movement

    4. A homing beacon will be made (possibly with R2D2like tones) to guide the droid once a coin has been found

    5. A difference amplifier will be used with a variable strength electromagnet to both detect and collect coins without wasting battery power