A Hybrid Electric Guitar

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The "Stragelaster" is a guitar that combines my favorite elements of several different kinds of guitars. It was designed to be comfortable to play, with multiple applications in mind.

- The neck on the guitar is a strat-style neck, as the longer scale length is better for alternate tunings.
- The bridge can be swapped with any hard tail bridge when you cut the body, again making it easier to change tunings.
- The jackplate is strat-style, to make it more comfortable to play the guitar while sitting on a bed, or laying down.
- The switching on the guitar is standard 3-way, with a tone and volume knob; push/pull pot for coil splitting on the bridge pickup. The volume knob placement was chosen for easy access when playing.
- Humbuckers were chosen, as the guitar is designed to play things from punk to metal, so high output was key.

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