ESP8266 RFid reader

let's do this - now with TFT display

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This is supposed to read out RFid UIDs, send them to a server and get a response (and maybe some pictures and stuff)

Get the new boards here, if you want :) 

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Ah shoooot, how could I miss this:

and even this:

SPI informations

Arduino esp8266 pinout stuff

ESP fixed Library for 1.8 TFT display

The setup right now would give me plenty of IOs for some status leds / or one ws2812 and a chip select for other SPI devices.

00on board LED (blue)UP
02CS for ST7735 displayUP
04CS for MFRC522XXXX
07RX debug serial
08TX debug serial
15RST for ST7735 displayDOWN
16DC (A0) for ST7735 display

  • revisting this

    davedarko01/04/2018 at 08:31 3 comments

    I was recently approached on twitter to make one of these, but thought it might make sense to spin this into a custom board to make my life easier debugging this, once it arrives at the persons place - having another one handy at home. So I stripped down my #LAMEBOY - another ESP12 handheld to an essential ESP-12 board and went from there. Two buttons, one on the RX line should help make it a bit more interactive (scrolling through content). There's a solder jumper in the case I don't wan't to populate the charging and power muxing parts, since the person wanted to power it with a powerbank anyways. It's just a bonus from the work I've done with the lameboy project and doesn't hurt to stay on. The headers are for the modules, top one is for the MFRC522 modules, bottom one for the display module. I could have added the display footprint to the back of this board, but was too lazy to create it in the first place, so I've opted to stick with the header of the 1.8 inch SPI TFT display modules.  

    It was also time again to give another go (also cheapest steel stencils evaaar), having ordered #sloth badge at OSHpark and another badge on dirtypcbs as well.

  • talking to servers and downloading bitmaps

    davedarko11/27/2015 at 21:41 2 comments

    So my ESP8266 downloads bitmaps now ;) And I have a basic script running, that reads a RFID tag, sends it to my server and turns red or green, depending on the response. Awesome!!!

    Now I'm ready for bed :)

  • busy day ...

    davedarko11/27/2015 at 00:17 0 comments

    this thing distracted me for a whole day from everything. Tomorrow I'll put some informations up here, like code and pin connections. But yay, this is my first shield for my #Ignore this ESP8266 board ! It gave me the opportunity to fix the wrong pinout of the FTDI programming header on my V1 boards. I've also made a classic Arduino mistake and placed the FTDI header 0.05" off-grid. That's not the case for V2 though!

    RFid is working at this point, so I decided to turn the project public (that private project feature is so useful!) - next up is pushing the UID to a server and get different responses to show on an RGB led.

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