DIY Autonomous Mobile Robot

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This project is about building an autonomous mobile robot with the help of Robot Operating System(R.O.S) and Python.


hudurah737 wrote 07/18/2019 at 20:45 point

I am using ubuntu mate 18.04 and using ros-melodic .I need to apply this project .

but when execute the frist commen after change the release of ros to melodic as:

sudo apt-get install ros-melodic-turtlebot ros-melodic-turtlebot-apps ros-melodic-turtlebot-interactions ros-melodic-turtlebot-simulator ros-melodic-kobuki-ftdi ros-melodic-rocon-remocon

 give me error :

E: unable to locate package  ros -melodic-turtlebot 

E:unable to loacate package ros-melodic-turtlebot-apps

E:unable to loacate package ros-melodic-turtlebot-interaction
E:unable to loacate package ros-melodic-turtlebot-simulator
E:unable to loacate package ros-melodic-turtlebot-remocon

I know the turtlebot is work with ros-kinetic..Then I change ros-indigo to ros-melodic

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Shaunak wrote 10/09/2018 at 11:25 point

The project is based on ROS Kinetic. I am running ROS Melodic on Ubuntu 18.04 and hence facing the version compatibility issue.

Here is  the question invoked by me on ROS answers:

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hudurah737 wrote 07/18/2019 at 20:35 point


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