Teensy Audio Spectrum Analyser

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The Teensy Audio Spectrum Analyzer is a low-cost classic audio spectrum display with up to 128 bands.


saleel2303 wrote 02/16/2017 at 03:18 point

C:\arduino-1.8.1\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\LedDisplay\LedDisplay.cpp:255:51: error: 'Font5x7' was not declared in this scope

     dotRegister[thisPosition+i] = (pgm_read_byte(&Font5x7[((whatCharacter - 0x20) * 5) + i]));


C:\arduino-1.8.1\hardware\teensy\avr\cores\teensy3/avr/pgmspace.h:79:55: note: in definition of macro 'pgm_read_byte'

 #define pgm_read_byte(addr) (*(const unsigned char *)(addr))


Error compiling for board Teensy 3.2 / 3.1.

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saleel2303 wrote 02/14/2017 at 15:54 point

I have these errors

In file included from C:\Users\SaleelMali\Desktop\New project\Teensy SA\TeensySpectrumAnalyser-master\TeensySpectrumAnalyser\TeensySpectrumAnalyser.ino:55:0:

C:\arduino-1.8.1\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\LedDisplay/font5x7.h: At global scope:

C:\arduino-1.8.1\hardware\teensy\avr\libraries\LedDisplay/font5x7.h:20:48: warning: 'Font5x7' defined but not used [-Wunused-variable]

 static unsigned char __attribute__ ((PROGMEM)) Font5x7[] = {


'font5x7' was not declared in this scope

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