RPi Bittorrent Sync Server

RPi 2 + 2 TB HDD + Bittorrent Sync = Secure server accessible from anywhere

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This project is basically a DIY Network Attached Storage using both Hardware (Pi + storage) and Software (Bittorrent Sync).

Through this project, I am creating a DIY NAS server where I can access my storage from any device assuming it has an active connection to the internet.

I am using a 13 Port USB Hub, Pi, and Bittorrent sync to accomplish this all.

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  • Obtaining last peripherals.

    Xavier12/13/2015 at 18:43 0 comments

    Been a while since I last updated this log. My bad on inactivity.

    I finally got an external drive as an early Christmas present, it's capacity is 2 TB. I've moved some files here and there with it and it seems to work fine. It's a Seagate One Click backup drive that I have re-purposed as a regular external hard drive.

    Link here:

    I also just ordered the last peripheral I need for this project before I can finally begin working, which is a wired keyboard which I should be getting this Friday according to the Amazon site.

    Link here:

    Once I have my keyboard I should start posting more often on the status of the project and what has and has not been accomplished.

  • 1. Obtained half of the peripherals required.

    Xavier11/29/2015 at 23:37 0 comments

    I obtained a good half of the peripherals required in order to make this work. I am waiting on a 2 TB HDD which has, by now, been shipped. Am saving up money for the keyboard and mouse. After all peripherals are acquired, I can begin working on the software side.

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  • 1
    Step 1

    Acquire all the items needed.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Install a distro compatible with the Pi 2 on the MicroSD Card.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Put Pi Together and connect all peripherals.

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