This project is very much in an alpha stage. It's the first time I've designed my own circuit using IC's (I used to do chip level repairs, not creating my own)

The schematic looks absolutely horrible, I know. I should really have broken it out into subnets more. But that's why I put the block diagram up as well. Basically, the idea is to have a Photon that can control a room light, powered by the wall power (with a battery backup for when the lights are out). It would be able to be controlled by internet through Photon's cloud service as well as a manual push button to turn the lights on or off. It's also designed to monitor it's own battery status and turn the lights on when it needs to help recharge the battery.

As this is more of a proof-of-concept design for me as well as proving to myself that I still have a clue what I'm doing, feedback and pointers are definitely appreciated.