Module Magic (Via the Second Serial Port)

A project log for MagiLog: Open Automotive Datalogging

Developing a full featured datalogger on the cheap

nigelNigel 06/04/2018 at 05:440 Comments

Seeing how this round is the Robotics Module round I suppose I need to explain how you could use MagiLog as an integrated data collection module for a robot. In addition to the serial port used to communicate with ECUs there is an auxiliary serial port for bidirectional communication between accessories or another microcontroller.

One kind of accessory I’m wanting to specifically develop is a digital dash display. Something like what you could get from Motec, except at about 1/10th the cost.

As a module I’d like to be able to set a mode where MagiLog either streams through selected data values or have it work as a request/response type system. Either way it’d allow you to connect a wide range of digital inputs, analog inputs, and IMU/GPS data to your robot using only 3 wires. Ground, MOSI, and MISO. Since this would also be working through DMA I’d imagine with some optimization work we should be able to maintain a very fast refresh rate.