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ajlittajlitt 03/26/2016 at 21:264 Comments

Up until now I've been ordering OSHPark quick turn proto boards because they're cheap for very low volume. For the initial Pants run I went with Elecrow in China from the good reviews I've heard. I put in the order last week for 50 Pants boards with 3 day shipping to the US.

DHL just notified me that I should expect them on Tuesday. But I'm totally unprepared. I don't have stencils, I'm missing some of the more expensive parts, I don't have a Tindie account set up yet, I haven't figured out shipping or packaging, I don't have a test jig built yet, and my bench is a mess! I don't know why, but I didn't expect 50 PCBs to be manufactured, shipped halfway across the world, and delivered in under 10 days!

update - and here they are:


Jason Hermans wrote 04/05/2016 at 09:00 point

When are you going to start selling boards?

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ajlitt wrote 04/05/2016 at 14:05 point

Soon. Parts should arrive any day.

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Jason Hermans wrote 04/05/2016 at 14:07 point


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deʃhipu wrote 03/26/2016 at 22:21 point

They do it every day in bulk, doesn't really matter if it's 5 or 50. The process is the same either way. What you usually wait for is for them to get enough orders to fill a whole batch, so that they can send it to manufacturing. But if you order 50, that probably fills it already.

Don't worry, it's not like you are on a deadline here.

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