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Fast RPi WiFi without USB

ajlittajlitt 04/07/2016 at 17:240 Comments

Now all the parts for my first small run of boards are sitting in a box on my bench, and I've built up a test board. This is what I plan to sell:

The headers are shipped unsoldered to allow for different assembly options and to simplify packaging. Ignore the plastic spacer on the header, as it can be removed. I'm not in a place to stock a ton of different options, so if you want to mount this underneath a Zero you'll need to find a different header.

Based on suggestions kindly offered by others, I'll be selling three kits: "full" with everything above, "basic" with only the WiFi populated on the PCB and including all the headers except the JST, and a bare PCB.

Although I have materials in hand to crank out boards, I need one critical tool in place before production starts. I want these board kits to work once customers solder them together, so I'm working on a test jig for running the SDIO interface and power supply through their paces. After many years of getting along without a real bench supply, I invested in a nice Korad 30V 5A programmable linear that I can use with a pile of power resistors to run the 5V output to 2A at various input voltages, and to test the undervoltage lock-out. I also got a couple of cheap-o DMMs from Fry's over the weekend for a rough output voltage check, and some miscellaneous bits and pieces to put it together. I intend customers to use this board to run motors, LEDs, and other current sucking peripherals, so I want each board tested at load.

Eventually I'll have a printed frame for the PCB and stand to take the load off the Pi underneath. I plan to have this working this weekend, and to start cranking out boards.

I can't give any estimates when this will go on sale. March was exceptionally busy, and I've had little free time to work on this, and April is shaping up to be more of the same. But I'm making progress which I'll continue to share here.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of my messy bench: