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ajlittajlitt 05/11/2017 at 02:581 Comment

Recently Raspbian switched to a 4.9 kernel from the 4.4 based kernel that's been the norm for a while. This breaks the esp8089 driver. If your esp8089 module no longer loads following an apt-get upgrade, this is likely the problem.

Thankfully den4ix on github issued a pull request this morning that updates the APIs for 4.9. The fix is in the latest Debian DKMS package released this afternoon.

To update the driver, download the new esp8089 DKMS package from github and install on top of the old package:

sudo dpkg -i esp8089-dkms_1.9.20170510_all.deb

Reboot after the package is installed to reload the esp8089 driver.


Arya wrote 07/16/2017 at 19:37 point

Cheers for keeping the code up-to-date, and thank you - from the #ZeroPhone - a Raspberry Pi smartphone project =)

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