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A project log for Z80 overpowered computer

I am building a computer with a 4MHz Z80, 32KiB EEPROM, 32KiB RAM, IDE interface and UART.

Dylan BrophyDylan Brophy 06/21/2017 at 14:480 Comments

OK, so for now I ditched the motherboard idea. I am not willing to buy a motherboard from a fab, so later I may make a homemade board with vias, as seen here. That blog is really awesome btw, consider reading it sometime.

Well anyways I have been trying to get a 16550 UART working, so far with no luck. I have pretty much reduced the problem down to the UART or the data bus's connection to the 'expansion board' I made because I ran out of room on my first board.

I also added a nice ATX power supply controller circuit, which allows power to go to the (currently useless) IDE hard drive. It's still pretty cool though.

Well, here is the system so far:

You can see why I need to make my own smaller and more clean PSU. This 'wires going crazy shorting everywhere' business with a WAY oversized powe is beyond terrible. OK, now the computer itself: