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A project log for Open Track and Field Timer

Open low cost timer to get accurate sprint times.

chazChaz 04/12/2018 at 14:500 Comments

I was able to get the system up and running. Each transmitter side of the photo sensors has a 5->12V usb boost adapter and a USB power brick. I have 8x tripods now to hold the sensors and need to still design the brackets and post the files for them. One of my sensors was bad FYI and allelectronics mailed me a new one for free :-).  The power requirements for the system is very low so you can use the cheapest $5 USB power bricks you can get. The app also works and can log data to a text file on your phone. A little work could be done to improve the Bluetooth handshaking but overall is functional. Next thing is for me to recreate the wiring schematic. 

Parts I have added:

1x Arduino prototyping Shield:

8x Tripods:

4x 12V USB Boost Adapters:

5x USB Power Bricks:

1 Gang Box: (replaces the 2 gang)