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A project log for Open Track and Field Timer

Open low cost timer to get accurate sprint times.

chazChaz 04/17/2018 at 15:510 Comments

I had my two kids practice sprinting in the hall. It was good fun.

Setup is as follows:

  1. Set up tripods and align sensors.
  2. connect sensors with cat5e cables.
  3. plug in all the USB power supplies
  4. Confirm sensor alignment
  5. Connect via bluetooth with app.

It is hard to tell if the app is connected so I have have a confirmatory light on the control Box. When you click the I'm ready button on the app it sends a signal to the box to light the LED and be ready. At least that way you feel good knowing things are working.

 6.  Then you run!

After the last sensor trips it will send the times to your phone. you can enter a persons name and some notes if you want and click save if you want to save a text file to your phone with the times.

See the Screen Shots below.

Still to do: update app to improve Bluetooth connectivity notifications and have a notification to alert you that you clicked the save button and it was successful.

I'll head to the track and get some real testing in once I crimp some 50ft cables and it stops snowing!