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A project log for Oasis 3DP

A powder and inkjet 3D printer based on HP45 inkjet technology

Yvo de HaasYvo de Haas 05/01/2018 at 20:380 Comments

I made it to the finals. Yay. I was already past the point of no return on this project, but it is nice to have a hard deadline to work towards.

First there is a bit of news on the PCB's. I found a major flaw where a pin that requires digital is hooked up to a pin that only does analog read. I have upped the revision and made the changes, but I will not publish it before I have done a full test of the printhead. Who knows what else I might find. While testing I managed to destroy the microcontroller with dangling wires, which cost me a few days while I was waiting on replacements. I will continue with the PCB's shortly.

All major parts have arrived in the last week. A notable point. The Hiwin linear rails I bought from Reprapworld work fine, but they discovered that the separate carriages they sell are not compatible. I have altered the design to run on one carriage for now. It should be fine, the carriages are plenty strong on their own. Printing is also done. A few tiny issues were resolved after printing, but so far all parts came out great. No support will be needed to print the parts, which is always nice. The parts will be blue. The design was green, but I changed it to a color I liked more.

With all parts in house, I could not help but start assembling. This is a prototype, and not optimized for assembly, so I will not give full instructions right now. For now, my main focus is making this machine work. So with that said, enjoy a few photo's of me assembling Oasis.

One major mistake was found. The gantry is moved with two belts, one on the front (free) side and one on the back (fixed) side. Under the bed runs a shaft that connects the two. On the front side the belt attaches to the gantry on the bottom belt. On the back side the top belt attaches to the gantry. This means that when the motor turns, both belts pull the gantry in opposite directions. In hindsight this is a really stupid mistake, but then most mistakes are stupid in hindsight. I will fix this by redesigning the front side to attach to the top belt as well. 

When this booboo is fixed, I will upload the Step files to the printer, but first I want to make sure all parts will work. In the next major log I hope to have movement.