Can Oasis print a Benchy?

A project log for Oasis 3DP

A powder and inkjet 3D printer based on HP45 inkjet technology

Yvo de HaasYvo de Haas 10/24/2018 at 18:490 Comments

Yes it can print a Benchy. It took a few tries because Oasis is still a bit finicky and Benchy was quite challenging, even in 3DP, but it looks great.

One fun property of 3DP that is really weird for me to get used to is that I really do not care about orientation, but very much about Z-height. Because of this, I printed Benchy on it's side. It took around an hour to print at layer height 0.2mm. Currently adding a new layer takes 8-10 seconds. Benchy is 30mm'ish wide. This totals 25 minutes of new layers.

Cleaning and infiltrating it was quite difficult. I did not want to damage it, and my depowdering setup is not perfect yet. I did miss a few small spots, but I got almost all of the powder out.

The Benchy looks really nice, though it is a bit more rough than an FDM printed part. The text on the back of the boat is not visible, the text on the bottom is. All tiny details are visible. A curious thing I noticed is that the side facing down was a lot more smooth than the side facing up. I suspect I used too much binder, and the binder wicked to the layers below, smoothing out the part. The layers facing up cannot wick into unbound binder, and so stairs are visible here.

Now that I have printed a decent Benchy, I think I am now legally allowed to call Oasis a real 3D printer.

(PS. should I be spending a whole log on a Benchy? Probably not, but I don't care, because Benchy)