A project log for Tektronix MSO2024B Oscilloscope Review

Element 14 is running roadtests and I was lucky to be able to test and review a Tektronix MSO2024B Oscilloscope.

MagicWolfiMagicWolfi 03/27/2016 at 22:280 Comments

Another interesting feature is the ’Mark’ button bar located directly under the ‘Wave Inspector’ wheel. With the Set/Clear button, marks can be set and deleted anywhere on your scope capture and then you can jump to the previous or next marker with the arrow keys to the left and right of the Set/Clear button. This works only in zoom mode, which makes sense.

In the example, 4 marks are set which are visible at the top of the black trace frame as 4 white triangle, the 1st 3 marks are overlapping each other.


After zooming in to a level where trace edges are actually visible, it is super-easy with only a few button presses to jump at pre-set locations for investigations. In the next image 2 markers are visible showing the start of the SPI transmission and the actual analog event on channel 1.

mark zoom

The search function is similar useful, the same events that are usable for triggers can be used to perform a post-capture search. After entering the parameters, the number of found search events is displayed for any easy feedback if the search would be successful. This is another helpful feature to process complex data, which are able to be captured with this mixed signal scope.

‘FilterVu’ seems to be more a flexible signal cleanup feature than the bandwidth setting for the separate channels, allowing different low pass frequencies instead of the standard 20MHz only.