A project log for Tektronix MSO2024B Oscilloscope Review

Element 14 is running roadtests and I was lucky to be able to test and review a Tektronix MSO2024B Oscilloscope.

MagicWolfiMagicWolfi 03/28/2016 at 22:570 Comments

Overall this is a very capable oscilloscope with analog and digital features, which makes it the center of my testbench all the time from now on. The Tektronix MSO2024B has every functionality for mixed signal analysis at reasonable speeds, made easy to operate by a very clever user interface.

Biggest feature for me is the correlation of the digital logic domain with the analog domain through the very deep record length and memory. This is brought together by the ‘Wave Inspector’ which allows super simple navigation through the captured traces. So now I am in the market for DPO2COMP and DPO2EMBD modules as the roadtest model was delivered without those modules and the evaluation period for serial triggering and analysis will end soon.

The feature that scored the least points in my view is the display (pun intended). A resolution of 480x234 is not up-to-date anymore, especially compared to other scopes from different vendors in this price range. Also the display update is sometimes slow. When turning the horizontal position button, it takes up to 1 second to catch up and redraw all the traces. To display bus event tables takes up to 3 seconds. Patience is on order.

For complete information about the test board with the MAXIM MAX11300 chip, please head over to my projects page (