After 2 Years

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8x8 LED matrix wearable

Hemal ChevliHemal Chevli 12/08/2015 at 05:120 Comments

After 2 years of making the first 64pixels, I had a thought to make it a wearable and it should display only animations, so I made the PCB in KiCAD and sent it off to fab, I made a mistake while placing the order, I marked it as single sided pcb so there was no copper on pads on the back of the PCB. There were small issue with the holes being tad small for battery holder lead, I used a reamer to widen the holes.

So I used the leads from resistor and soldered then to front and the matrix to it. So now I can edit and the test the firmware, Next I also want to add a button to it. Luckily these was one last GPIO unused so I soldered a pull up and used the single stranded wire as a switch, the firmware its now working with the button, next I need to add some nice sprites to it and also make a new pcb with button and also rectifying the mistakes from last try.