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prototype data visualization and navigation map of the Holy Bible

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started with an idea a couple years ago and now, with downtime from my construction work i can finally nest in for the winter and begin the creation of a prototype for a virtual bible navigation tool

I started by creating an ico-sphere per book of the bible (66). each smaller ico-sphere is assigned a ring, each ring's size and vertex count is determined by that book's number of chapters. when the individual chapter spheres are selected a pop up window displays that chapters content.

Currently there are three data layers at the moment which i will assign three translations of scripture: hebrew, greek and new american standard.

a plan from the beginning was to use this to visualize cross references, make bible searches fun and interactive while engaging in design as a way to build relationships and stimulate conversation about the holy scriptures.

-complete Bible visualization tool
-visualization for studying, logging, information collection

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Cambera wrote 12/10/2015 at 18:51 point

Great idea!

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