Raspi WiFi Blinky Display

Raspberry Pi + Neopixel (tons of em) + Fadecandy + WiFi Dongle

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A display to which one can stream data over OPC.

This is a longgoing project, and more or less a prototype. So i don't remember every single setting ;)

It is basically a Raspi used as hotspot with fadecandy server running on it. So one can connect to this hotspot, and let there be light ;)

Steps I've done:

  1. Set up the raspi as a hotspot: more or less. I didn't took care of all this routing stuff, because I just want to have a hotspot, without internet connectivity, to send my data to.
  2. Set up all the fadecandy stuff: and
  3. Took and old powered USB hub to power the Raspi and have enough power for my wifi USB dongle.
  4. Etched a pcb to connect the 8x8 WS2812B panels to the fadecandy. So it has three headers for GND, 5V and SIG, for every of the 8 matrices. I then connected this powerboard and the matrices with servo cables. There is also a GND, 5V rail on the board, as well as the powerjack. Also connected the USB hub to this board. So this is where all the power comes from.
  5. Lasercuted three layers, one for the raspi and the USB hub, one which holds the powerboard and the matrices and a difusing one.
  6. The matrices i mounted using velcro, so i can remove it.

I think that's it, more or less.


  • There is a OpenWRT build for fadecandy. So you may use this. I just had a Raspi and a USB Hub laying round. You may know that.
  • RGB-123 sell a board with all those 512 pixels on it, compatible with fadecandy, comes with a pricetag of round 165 bucks though.

  • 1 × Raspi First generation, was laying round at home
  • 1 × Powered USB Hub Old one, was laying round at home, took of the case so it fits in my case
  • 1 × Fadecandy
  • 8 × 8 by 8 Neopixel Matrix
  • 1 × self designed power distribution board

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  • Burn some copper

    Tillo10/28/2016 at 22:13 0 comments

    Unfortunatly I made the first pcb traces too narrow. The first time I etched it, it went up in smoke.

    Lesson learned: Calculate the trace width...

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