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A project log for rhombus

An open-source minimalist 68020 based single board computer

jason-westerveltJason Westervelt 12/13/2015 at 20:450 Comments

Taking a very short break while I try to get Lee Davidson's wonderful EhBASIC interpreter running on my board. Not going to completely stop developing since I'll be creating TRAP code, etc. which will be useful in the future. I expect that this will take 2 or 3 days tops. This will also serve as a test to determine what functionality is lacking.

Once this is done, I'll go back to adding features, most notable, a way to load S-Record data over the serial port.

As far as new hardware is concerned, I'll either work on a video display + keyboard input, or I'll work on trying to interface an old SID sound chip that I have and see if I can get some good ol' 8-bit audio going.