Alternate monitor in the works...

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An open-source minimalist 68020 based single board computer

jason-westerveltJason Westervelt 12/25/2015 at 11:520 Comments

I have been working on a rewrite of the monitor. There were a couple of deficiencies which would have impeded development later on.

The new monitor uses generic I/O functions for devices, and builds a device definition table in RAM which contains the device's address as well as pointers to the I/O handling routines for each device. The system input and output devices can thus be changed easily while the system is up and running... useful if the user wishes to load s-record data over a separate device for instance.

To my amazement, the output function worked just fine after this massive rewrite. Something is wrong in the input, however, as the 'getline' function is ending prior to receiving any input from the serial port, throwing the thing into a massive loop as it sends a prompt over and over again. Too exhausted to continue debugging it tonight. It's probably some stupid little oversight...