keyboard controller almost functional

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jason-westerveltJason Westervelt 12/29/2015 at 02:550 Comments

I've got a couple of quirks to iron out with my keyboard controller, but it is almost working. I should have it completely operational sometime tonight or tomorrow. I elected to go with that old intel N8042 that I found, and it looks like it is going to be a very useful part for this project.

The rev1 board is being designed at the moment. I elected to go with 3 parts which are in a PLCC44 or PLCC52 package:

In addition to these 3 PLCC parts, I'm also throwing in 4x K6X8008C2B-UF55 These are 1Mx8 55nS SRAM, so I will end up with 4MB of SRAM, likely 0 wait-state via a 32bit data bus. Also being thrown into the mix is an FT245 USB FIFO. This definitely has linux support and will be my initial console once I get uClinux up and running.