I suffer from SAD in a rather unspectacular manner. Losing the desire or will to interact with others, zero motivation to do anything for any reason, sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day (often into the early afternoon), etc., are all common occurences during the winter months. The rare days of sunshine see a complete reversion to my normal self. Today (9 Dec 2015) was one such day. I am thus motivated to prevent this in the future. I have no desire to be a complete waste of space during the winter.

Design Requirements

In order to be effective the lamp must meet the following specifications:

  • Produce 10,000 lux (lumens per square meter) at 30 to 60 centimeters (from behind a diffuser)
  • Produce full spectrum light (that is, relative intensities across the visual spectrum must be similar)
  • Some multi-color capability required (for morning light simulation)
  • Powered from a wall plug

Everything else is frosting (and therefore, like all cakes with frosting, completely unnecessary).