Remote control space submarine

- Up/down movement controlled with buoyancy

- Sideway movements controlled with gentle bursts of air, or anything softer and less invasive you can think of

- Camera movements should be contained within sphere, so the sphere won't have to move around as much around sensitive fish, when taking pictures and videos at different angles

I included a picture of a rough design I had for this remote control space submarine,

and here are a couple links to competitive designs that might help in creating this submarine,

Spherical shaped remote control drones are not only safe to use around fish, but dogs, birds, and people too,

Anywhere safety is an issue, spherical shaped drones can help,

In addition to this submarine drone, we should also have spherical shaped aerial drones, and spherical shaped land drones that match in design,

Spherical shaped drones are safer to use around people, where safety is a concern,

If we're able to care for fish, and other pets using remote controlled drones and automated robots, we'll be better prepared to care for ourselves with robots in space in the future,