How to solder surface mount chip?

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kodera2tkodera2t 07/16/2016 at 10:500 Comments

Eventually I submit one product for (at this moment, I am not sure it will be admitted or not..) and it is a kit requires full assembly and I guess relatively good soldering skill and experience is required. (I think most of people have excellent soldering skill, though)

So here I would show how to solder SMT in quick and clean manner.

Step1: Put enough solder on electrode.

Step 2: Remove solder by de-solder braid

Not all of solder but most solder should be removed. Residue will work as glue!

Step 3: Carefully align chip and gently push every electrode

Alignment is quite important but your hand will be enough good tool. Just gently push by soldering iron is enough to connect. No additional solder is needed. If you have some concern, add small amount of solder for each electrode.

Complete! Have fun!