Install linux arch on an arm chrome book

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I needed a new Laptop to replace my physically failing old one. I always wanted an arm chromebook and so chose the asus c201PA
The default os (although not widows) is not usable, so I install linux on it

Why I chose the c201

a) I did not want a tuch screen

b)I wantet something small and light

c)I wanted to buy in europe

d)I wanted to run libreboot (at some point in the future)

The C201 is the only one that fits. So I orderd it from AmazonUK

To do

These are dreams might take year(s) to compleate

install libreboot (I would like tobe close to someboddy with a falsh flasher and appropreate knowledge, so 32c3)

full disk encryption

add rfid (ther is enough space and the usb connections are on a sepperate pcb, that could be reverse engeneered and respun with additional internal usb ports.

  • try 2

    franz03/19/2016 at 15:23 1 comment

    So 32c3 came and whent and i left with a bricked c201. I failed at installing coreboot, and there was $problem$ with installing it via the flasher. Afterwards was exam time, and now I tackelt it with renewed vigor

    first, I still haven't managed to compile coreboot, however libreboot has since published a compiled version, on the other hand that version does not allow for usb boot, so I had to reinstall chromeos and enable usb boot that way. I also found a usable usb image to use for installation. its Kali linux.... well whatever

    the one for the ASUS Chromebook flip works like a charm out of the box. just use dd to a usb stick OR a micro sd card.

    then dd the image to the chrome book.

    you only have 8 gig of storage, but everything works reasonably well and you can easely install all desired pentesting tools (well up to 8 gig of them anyway.

  • Installation

    franz12/13/2015 at 13:09 0 comments

    First I tried to install debian. That did not Work at all. For some reason the screen never showed annything, so I tried the installation on arch. The installation on a microsd card worked like a charm, so, for a while I ran off that, however it was slow. tying to dd the micro sd card installation to the emmc did not work, so I looked around. Keenerd (lots of thanks to him) had gave the hint to rerun the installer on the chromebook with the emmc as target. that worked like a charm.

    He also gave some configuration hints, that were really helpfull, however the xf86-video-armsoc-rockchip did not work for me, however after removing it and using just the xserve-Xorg-video-fdbev (preinstalled) does work like a charm (I will never be able to play significant games on it annyway).

    To enable audio run

    amixer -c 0 sset “Right Speaker Mixer Right DAC” unmute

    amixer -c 0 sset “Left Speaker Mixer Left DAC” unmute

    sudo alsactl store

    that will enable sound somehow (I still only have sound from one youtube instance, but for me that is ok)

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