MappyDot Plus Testing

A project log for Litar: LiDAR Air Guitar

Compact, handheld air guitar with four LiDAR strings and Bluetooth

bleckyBlecky 03/21/2018 at 10:582 Comments

As part of the new button case design, the Litar will also be getting an upgrade to the MappyDot Plus we have been testing, which uses the brand new VL53L1x sensor:

The new sensor offers better ambient light immunity and an adjustable field of view. This will hopefully allow us to change the size of the strings programmatically and offer better string strumming recognition in noisy environments.

The MappyDot Plus will be available on Tindie shortly -


Pure Engineering wrote 03/22/2018 at 04:18 point

just finished a breakout for the sensor.

range is really good, and can pick up small changes with hand movements. Perfect sensor for this project.

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Blecky wrote 03/22/2018 at 04:30 point

They are a pretty nice sensor upgrade, ST has definitely one upped themselves. The only downside is that the APIs are very very bloated. I've finally got it to fit on a 328PB with all the calibration functions for the MappyDot Plus, but it meant stripping out a lot of garbage.

They totally should just have a compile option which turns off most of the state information and debugging functions.

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