Camera is Here.

A project log for Remote Control Land Strider

I got it in my head to build a Land Strider, pretty much just because I think they're neat.

douglas-millerDouglas Miller 12/15/2015 at 23:170 Comments

Gotta love shipping this time of year! Ordered the camera for this project yesterday morning and it's here already! And it was FREE shipping! Like I said, gotta love it. I'm going with a Wifi camera because I don't want to haul around my Quad FPV ground station everywhere I haul this thing. I'm not worried about the little bit of lag because, face it, this thing's not going to race around the room fast enough to make the lag unacceptable. The battery is still charging, but I turned it on long enough to see the video quality, and it's just fine. Think this will do nicely. :)