Baby's First Real Steps. Such a Proud Papa.

A project log for Remote Control Land Strider

I got it in my head to build a Land Strider, pretty much just because I think they're neat.

douglas-millerDouglas Miller 12/22/2015 at 19:340 Comments

Fixed everything I broke and put her back together. Even printed up some feet for her, which i think look cute but need redone. They aren't balanced right so they don't work like I wanted, and they are also a bit over sized and tend to hit each other.

I used a little prototype board from Radio Shack that's been sitting on my shelf for, well, probably for about as long as it sat on the shelf in the Shack. It's pretty much just a power distribution board and a way to make it handy to hook all the wires together. All the electronics are just piled on top, and next I'll have to get all that mounted securely. I like the way the battery dragged behind it. Lol. NOT.

She does move, but as you can tell I need to firm up those legs. Too much weight, and when she turns she'll bend them. But she DOES turn, forward and back. Something tells me I'm going to spend the winter playing with and improving this thing. :)

Here's a short video of her first real walk, short as it was. Sorry about the video quality, but first steps are first steps, and I'm stuck with this video of them. Next time I'll actually spend some time getting the cameras setup and adjusted right before I start. Guess I was just too excited to get her moving to think of it at the time.

Now, to get to work on that BOM....