BOM coming along.

A project log for Remote Control Land Strider

I got it in my head to build a Land Strider, pretty much just because I think they're neat.

douglas-millerDouglas Miller 01/05/2016 at 10:560 Comments

Working on getting BOM in.

Couple of notes:

The RC transmitter and receiver can be whatever you have. The battery, wiring, connectors should all be rated for whatever motors you pick up, as well as the speed controllers. My speed controllers happen to be for 7.4 volt, so I went with a 1300 2S li-po battery. (had them on hand here, so it's what I used.)

The transmitter should have at least 5 channels if you want the works on yours. Right stick controls forward/back and left/right. Left stick will be for the camera gimbal. The last channel I'm going to use the flap switch to toggle video recording on/off.

It's a lot of parts to 3D print. Total print time is around 28 hours for everything. I intend to get a laser cut version as soon as I can get to it. I have the laser here, might as well use it for another version of this beast. :D

3D printed files should be up by the end of today, with any luck. Assembly instructions as I can get to them...