Busy Week, and small changes...

A project log for Remote Control Land Strider

I got it in my head to build a Land Strider, pretty much just because I think they're neat.

douglas-millerDouglas Miller 03/15/2016 at 22:590 Comments

Been working on getting it ready for MRRF 2016. Still intend to take it there. Building up a body on it, and this one is just for MRRF. In the end there will be at least two 'skins' I can put on it. One will be SteamPunk, and then the one I'm working on now. And, no, I'm not done with it and I'm not going to show pictures of it until after MRRF. You'll just have to wait to see it. Lol.

The 'skin' I'm working on now is both heavier and taller than I had planned ahead for, and while it still moves, I broke a few parts playing with it. So I'm printing new ones and getting them installed. You can see in this photo the difference, and where it failed. The one on the right is obviously the new one I'm printing now. Stuff happens.... :P

Four days left until the show, and I'm sure I have at least five days work to do. But I'll have it there, one way or the other....