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A project log for 384:LED

Mini (1.44'' x 0.94'' or 24mm x 37mm) 8X16 RGB LED Array. 128 RGB LEDs with three LED chip each gives 384.

AlexAlex 12/22/2015 at 16:460 Comments

I did change the number oft LEDs. I think I will use even more than 140. I do now think I will use 192 LEDs arranged in a 24x8 matrix. The LED-PCB could than look like this:

This would still fit including a control PCB of the same size inside 5cm x 5cm. I do also have some first idea about this control PCB. I did found two LED drivers witch I could imagine to use for that:

Additional to the LED driver I would also include an microcontroller.Although this would be optional if using the HT1632C. But so you can implement stand alone applications and different interfaces (uart, i2c, parallel). Depending on the LED driver and interfaces (== the number of needed IOs / peripherals) I will probably use an ATmega 8a, 328p, 16 or 32.