Engineering logs

A project log for EnviroHub

Solar-powered water quality monitoring with wireless transmission and/or SD card storage capabilities measuring pH, temp, and turbidity.

Kevin YoungKevin Young 12/18/2015 at 23:030 Comments
DateHoursWork DoneProblems to Solve - (Date completed)
  • Completed Validation Exercises
  • Placed device in river and left overnight
  • sleep the Stalker between readings
  • calibrate the sensors
  • design new 3D model for enclosure
  • Fixed Date and time on the board
  • Continued working on HTTP
  • Completed walkthrough with Professor Purtilo
  • Need to seal box up and place in water - (12/8)
  • Adjust format of data for bulk upload - (12/5)
  • Continue trying to make HTTP work - (12/5)
  • Assembled components into box
  • Continued working to get HTTP requests working
  • HTTP requests not working - (12/5 - Kevin got it working, great job!)
  • Constructed a new box large enough to fit all of our components
  • Acquired resources to build a floatation apparatus for the device
  • Continued working to get the 3G shield to communicate with the stalker
  • Alternatives to using the stalker if 3G shield won't communicate with it - (11/25 - Setting in arduino IDE was causing issue)
  • How to power the Uno if the stalker won't work - (11/25 - unnecessary, see above)
  • Continued working on 3G shield
  • SoftwareSerial library apparently not working correctly to communicate with shield - (11/25)
  • Began working with 3G shield
  • Arduino unable to find shield - (11/25)
  • Come up with a solution for the shield and arduino each needing their own batteries - (11/20)
  • Continued trying to fix the issue when writing to the SD card
  • Started writing code to read from the sensors and read data from them
  • Reviewed the design of the apparatus to mount the device in the stream and decided to scrap the water level measurements
  • Need to acquire the resources for building the apparatus - (11/25)
  • Need to acquire a 4.7kOhm resistor in with the temp sensor - (11/18)
  • Need to design a method to connect the Turbidity sensor into the circuit - (N/A, sensor fried)
  • Began writing Arduino code to write to the SD card
  • The arduino writes only once when there should be several writes - (11/15)
  • SD card has to be reformatted after removal for the Arduino to initialize it - (11/15)
  • Date and Time on the board is wrong - (11/29)